5. Alma Bay & Alma Creek

Alma Bay is Marine National Park Green Zone where all marine life is protected and fishing and collecting is not permitted.


> SEE: Marine Park Zone

Coastcare’s “Welcome to Alma Creek” sign is located where Alma Creek flows into Alma Bay.


Arcadia Coastcare have produced a list of native plants found along the Alma Creek Reserve.

> SEE: Alma Creek Reserve Native Plant List June 2011

Native Plants

Turtle nesting has been recorded at Alma Bay.

> SEE: TCC article Alma Bay Lights Switched Off for Turtle Hatchlings
Townsville City Council March 2016

Turtle Nesting

Compared to other reefs around Magnetic Island, Alma Bay has a low percentage of nutrient indicator algae, a low percentage of silt, and high sponge cover. There are large numbers of the solitary coral Fungia fugites. The large colonies of staghorn corals that used to be there are now mostly gone.

(Photo: Fungia fugites courtesy of Wikipedia)

Corals and Algae

Arcadia Coastcare started out as Olympus Crescent Coastcare, removing weeds from public land in the Olympus Crescent/Alma Bay area, particularly in Alma Creek Reserve. The Olympus Crescent Coastcare Project provides details on the natural values of Alma Creek and Olympus Crescent in 2008.

Olympus Crescent

Alma Bay was originally fringed with native Pandanus trees. Recently a few have grown back.

> SEE: A sign at Alma Bay provides information on Pandanus.

A Pandanus Fringe

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