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3. Geoffrey Bay Scrub

Geoffrey Bay Scrub is a rainforest growing on sand.

Geoffrey Bay Scrub_3.jpg
Geoffrey Bay Scrub view.JPG

Hidden Treasure

A street sign on Bright Avenue points the way to this rare vine thicket.


Endangered Vine Thicket

The Scrub is recognised by the Australian Government as “Semi-evergreen vine thickets of the Brigalow Belt and Nandewar Bioregions”, an endangered ecological community under national environmental law (EPBC).

> READ: Magnetic Island, Queensland Region EPBC Act Policy Statement 5.1. (See Figure 2 on page 13 for a map.)


Littoral Scrub

Townsville City Council’s State of Environment Report provides information on the Scrub.

> READ MORE: Townsville City Council’s State of Environment Report

The Scrub’s ecological significance has been scientifically recognised since 1993.

> READ: The Significance of a Littoral Scrub Remnant at Geoffrey Bay

> READ: Geoffrey Bay Vine Scrub Plant Species List 2022

(Photo: A sign in the scrub provides information on the ecological values).


Getting The Butterflies Back

The article Getting The Butterflies Back outlines some of Arcadia Coastcare's work in the Scrub as well as some recollections from early residents.

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