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1. Geoffrey Bay Foreshore


Coastcare signage at the bottom of Gabul Way welcomes visitors to Geoffrey Bay.

Arcadia Coastcare has mapped Geoffrey Bay's Natural Values.

> Part 1: Geoffrey Bay Foreshore Natural Values Mapping (Oct 2018)

> Part 2: Geoffrey Bay Foreshore Natural Values Maps

Turtle Nesting

Turtles have nested on Geoffrey Bay foreshore, almost as far inland as the road.

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> SEE: Wulgurukaba Turtle Artwork Restoration

(Photo: Wulguru Turtle Art)


Environmental Management

Geoffrey Bay foreshore is zoned “Environmental Management and Conservation” in the Townsville City Council’s planning scheme, in recognition of its environmental values and purposes. Preserving the natural foreshore of Geoffrey Bay has many advantages.

> SEE: Townsville City Council’s Planning Scheme

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Let It Grow, Don't Mow Sign.jpg

Rainbow Bee Eaters

Rainbow Bee Eaters nest from August to December in the sandy parkland of Geoffrey Bay foreshore. The nests are quite difficult to see, so please tread carefully!

> SEE: ACC Map of Nesting Sites

> SEE: Mind How You Step Article from Magnetic Island Community News 2016


Take Care

Vehicles on the foreshore parkland can compact the sandy soil and crush nests of turtles and rainbow bee-eaters below, so in partnership with Council we installed bollards to manage vehicular access but still allow plenty of space for parking.


Red Tailed Cockatoos

Red tailed black cockatoos eat Terminalia fruits and Casuarina seeds at Geoffrey Bay. Arcadia Coastcare have planted more Terminalias and Casuarinas for them.

Geoffrey Bay foreshore terminalia.JPG


Shorebirds feed and roost along Geoffrey Bay, including common sandpipers, whimbrels, eastern curlews and tattlers, some travelling thousands of kilometres to get here.


To help shorebirds, Birdlife Australia recommends that dog owners ensure that their dog is under effective control when visiting beaches. Townsville City Council acknowledges that dogs on leads help look after shorebirds.


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