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4. Petersen Creek

Petersen Creek weaves its way from the hinterland, through coastal dunes and onto the Geoffrey Bay foreshore.

Petersen Ck_4.jpg

Restoration Project

Downstream from Hayles Avenue, most of Petersen Creek is on public land. The creek vegetation is increasingly dominated by environmental weeds. ACC continues to engage the community in replacement of environmental weeds with native vegetation. This will improve habitat, corridors, bank stability, beach sand supply and water quality in the GBR World Heritage Area.

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Weeping Paperbarks

With a love for creeks and fresh ground water, Weeping Paperbarks thrive along Petersen Creek.

Petersen Ck paperbarks.JPG

Endeavour Falls

As a summer and wet season favourite, Endeavour Falls transform from a sleepy trickle to a raging force in wet season. The small rock pools are a great way to cool off in the heat while enjoying nature at it's best.

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