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7. Jetty Road

Previously the vehicle ferry access point, Jetty Road is now the ideal way to continue your discovery of Arcadia.

Linking the bush and foreshore to the sea, it is also home to hoop pines, bush almonds and the famous rock wallabies at the landing.

No fishing or collecting is allowed in this area but why not try the self guided Snorkel Trail to visit Geoffrey Bay's underwater hidden gems.



As soon as you leave the main road you'll see a healthy example of mangroves which hug the shoreline.

Jetty Rd mangrove.jpeg

From Above

Jetty Road is within the Marine Parks Green Zone which means no fishing or collecting is allowed, but you can still spot a great array of fish from the road (or further above) as you look into the bays' water.

(Photo Barcheek Coral Trout, Plectropomus maculatus by Mark Rosenstein)


Rock Wallabies

They are one of the most popular attractions on Magnetic Island, and the rock wallabies that live at the end of Jetty Road are also the most over fed. Please resist the 'need to feed' but if you have to, read below for what is helpful and harmful to these friendly animals.


Rock Arch

Over the years the Rock Arch at the end of Jetty Road has also been a major attraction. Although some of the road is in disrepair, this is still an excellent example of the Island's giant granite boulders.


Whistling Kite

If you're walking the Jetty Road early in the morning or late in the afternoon you may hear the call of the Whistling Kite. Another great predator of Magnetic Island, they build large nests at the tops of trees, and often use the thermals from the headlands to soar the bays for prey.

Jetty Rd whistling kite .JPG

Do's & Don'ts of Wallaby Feeding

We prefer the wildlife to forage for their own food. If you have a "need to feed" the wallabies please just use small amounts of:

  •  Carrots

  •  Sweet potatoes

  •  Rock melon

  •  Apples

  •  Paw paw

  •  Wallaby pellets


The following foods can cause the wallabies serious health problems:
x Avocado
x Bread
x Cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts or cauliflower
x Guava
x Lettuce
x Meats
x Potato

Jetty Rd rock wallabies.jpg
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